We want to create a hip camp farm trail map travelling North from Rare Dragon Fruit Agnes water to Cairns, Far North Queensland

We have noticed a lot of hip campers coming through looking for working farm stay camps. 

This was a girls trip with myself (Yana) and Monique my sister in-law. We will be adding more info as we travel as well as photos. 

This is also a great way to show your support for our primary produces and meet them face to face. 

This would be an easy trip to do starting from the Gold Coast, Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. 

You could have your 1st stay with us at Rare Dragon Fruit Farm stay Agnes Water. 

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Self Fertile Dragon Fruit  - These dragon fruit varieties do not require hand pollination they are self fertile and can pollenate themselves with their own pollen

Self Sterile  Dragon Fruit - These Dragon fruit varieties require x pollenating. They are unable to pollenate themselves with there own pollen or have a bad design where they are less likely to pollenate themselves. 

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Growing dragon fruit  or pitaya from seed is a relatively straightforward process, but it requires patience, as it can take several years for the plants to start producing fruit. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to grow dragon fruit from seeds.
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Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya, is a tropical fruit that requires specific conditions for successful commercial cultivation.

Here's a general guideline for growing dragon fruit commercially

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Easy to follow dragon fruit growing instructions.
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Growing dragon fruit on a tree can be a unique and visually appealing approach to cultivating these cacti.
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Look at how 15 people all around Australia plant the same dragon fruit cutting. There is no wrong or right! its what works for you in your climate zone.



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Rare Dragon Fruit would like to welcome Jason from Kiama to our experiment he has been a keen gardener the last 10 years and will help all South Sydney dragon fruit growers to improve how to grow healthy dragon fruit in this region. 
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By increasing thermal mass you can keep your plants warmer longer when the temperature drops. 

Also known as heat sinking you can help stabilize plant temperature  and creates an induvial microclimate for your plants. 

This is very useful if you are trying to grow dragon fruit in Melbourne or other frost prone areas. 

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I'd like to welcome Adam from Heathmont in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
He is newish to growing dragon fruit but is doing an amazing job, spouting dragon fruit cuttings over winter. He uses a water technique I haven't scene before he contacted me. Please read on to find out more. 
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