Why does the price of dragon cutting vary so much???

The price of our dragon fruit cuttings vary due to range of factors-

Abundance- Some dragon fruit plant we have had for 15 plus years so we have an abundance of dragon fruit cuttings we have collected over that time.

Growth Rate- Speed at which some plants grow? Some dragon fruit plants are very vigorous growers and we can  provide constant cuttings for dragon fruit customers. 

Other dragon fruit varieties can take a few years to hit the top of the post and produce less horizontal branches to take cuttings from.

Slow growing Dragon fruit  will be more expensive due dragon fruit growth time amount of long term care needed or dragon fruit cutting may be smaller. 

Availability in the local market - The scarcity and availability of a particular dragon fruit variety. A lot of dragon fruit  varieties have been hard and expensive to source.  We spend a lot of time driving all over the place to try and source new and amazing dragon fruit varieties. 

Change in dragon fruit cutting prices- The prices of our dragon fruit cuttings do fluctuate over time. Due to season, availability and excess stock. 

 Dragon fruit cutting on a dragon fruit farm

Popularity and demand-  Some Varieties are very popular and we do struggle to keep up with demand.  We intend to put in a more dragon fruit trellis for these varieties. But growing these does take time. 

Testing and quality - When we receive a new variety dragon fruit cutting we need to grow and test the fruit to make sure we were sold what the supplier said it was. This may take 1-3 years. 

If you are interested in any new variety of dragon fruit that are unavailable please email us and I will add you to our VIP list so you can be contact in advance before the new cuttings hit our website. 

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