Where to buy dragon fruit fruit, cuttings and potted plants?

dragon fruit to eat pitaya
Where to buy fresh Dragon Fruit to eat:
  1. Grocery Stores: Many well-stocked grocery stores or supermarkets carry dragon fruit. Check the fresh produce section, as dragon fruit is typically sold with other fruits.

  2. Farmer's Markets: Local farmer's markets or specialty markets might offer dragon fruit when it's in season. It's a good idea to inquire with the vendors or check their availability schedule.

  3. Direct from the Farm: Local farmers may have honesty boxes and fruit stall for you to purchase their produce from. 

Dehydrate dragon fruit heath food

Frozen Dragon fruit, powders and more..

  1. Heath food shops and supermarkets sell a range of dragon fruit products
  • Dried powdered dragon fruit for smoothies.
  • Dehydrated dragon fruit for snack
  • Freeze dried dragon fruit for snacks
  • Dragon fruit Kombucha
  • Dragon fruit syrups
  •  Dragon fruit jam 

    Dragon fruit cuttings Australia pitaya

    Where to buy dragon fruit cuttings in Australia?

    1. Online Retailers: Rare Dragon fruit is a 1 stop shop for all your dragon fruit cutting needs both for dragon fruit hobby growers and commercial dragon fruit growers. We post dragon fruit cuttings on Mondays. 

    Potted dragon fruit for plant nursery

    Where to buy potted dragon fruit Australia?

    1. Local Farms or Plant Nurseries: If you're in an area where dragon fruit can be grown, you might find local farms or plant nurseries selling fresh fruit or even dragon fruit plants. If your local plant nursery does not stock dragon fruit plants. Request they get some in. Rare dragon fruit has wholesale potted dragon fruit for your local nursery. 


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