Where do we source our Dragon Fruit Plants

Rare Dragon fruit is your one stop shop and your go-to destination for rare dragon fruit cuttings in Australia!

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We have supplied the Northern Territory government for agriculture research with a range of cuttings that went through biosecurity checks to cross state boards. 

Rare Dragon Fruit work with the Dragon Fruit Grower Association of Australia to keep informed on dragon fruit farming in Australia and all current research on the growing of Dragon Fruit.

Rare Dragon  Fruit is also a part of The Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland.  (NGIQ) was formed in 1934 as a professional body for growers and sellers of quality plants. 

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Our plants have been sourced from commercial farms and hobby grower through out Australia. 

We enjoy visiting farms and growers to source new varieties. 

Rare dragon fruit does not import our own plants Yet! but this is something we are researching and working towards. 

We see how detrimental the smuggling of plants could be to Australia's horticulture industry and we recomend that no one smuggles dragon fruit into Australia due to the national biosecurity risks for our industry. Always buy your dragon fruit cutting from a reputable supplier.

This also goes for state and region based biosecurity quarantine areas. For customers residing in restricted states such as the Northern Territory, Tasmania, and Western Australia, we offer a solution.

For states that require a biosecurity clearance we use a specialized plant courier for this.

Plant courier 

Dagon fruit customers who do not require biosecurity plant checks a flat rate $15.00 shipping. 

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Rare Dragon Fruit offer wholesale plants and cuttings for the nursery and horticulture industry through Evergreen Connect and our dragon fruit farm gate. 

Rare Dragon Fruit conduct dragon fruit growing experiments with dragon fruit enthusiasts around Australia to get genuine feed back on how to grow different varieties grow in different regions.  This will help anyone growing dragon fruit in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, Areas out side the subtropical to tropical zones where Dragon fruit grow more successfully. 

We are open by appointment and are happy to guide you around our boutique dragon fruit farm, in Agnes Water / 1770