Dragon Fruit Cutting to WA, TAS AND NT

Posting Dragon Fruit Cutting to WA, TAS AND NT require plant spraying and plant health certificate. 

There are 2 ways of doing this

#1 Use a outside quarantine service

There is quarantine service is provided by Paradise Distributors in Nambour QLD, unfortunately it's quite expensive so I if you get 5 or 6 plants treated in one batch to spread the postage cost a bit.
The cost is calculated as below;
- $17/plant handling fee (additional costs for plants larger than 40cm)
- $20 quarantine fee (plus $2 for each additional plant)
- $45 postage to WA and Tas, $55 postage to NT (can post around 10 plants per box)

More details and the plant submit form can be found on the website -

The website is a bit of an overload of information but basically,
- The service runs every three weeks, the website lists sending dates (the date which the plants are treated with chemicals and sent out to customers)
- Customers need to email a Concierge Plant Submit Form (customer info and plant list) by the specified date (due around a week before the sending date)
- The plants need to arrive to the quarantine facility, with scientific name on the label, between 28-10 days before the sending date
- Once they receive the form they will send an invoice to be paid in advance

#2 Contact us:

We have sent dragon fruit cutting to the Northern Territory Government to study  commercial growing of dragon fruit plants . To post these dragon fruit cuttings we had to attend the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and spray plants in front of their officer. 

This also is not a cheap process.

We try to save you money by only charging you only the fuel for us to drive the 3 hrs return trip to Bundaberg.

The D.P.I charge $250 per hour plus GST. 

Spay costs $25.00

But this would be the most affordable way to send bulk cuttings. 

Extra postage charges for postage may apply. 

Please request a quote-