Malabar Chestnut email with Mari- Hawaii

Every so often I get emails requesting advice.

I thought I would post these on our blog as they may answer questions you have or give you ideas. 

This email came to us yesterday :)


Question... I am currently located in Hawaii. Originally from Finland... lived in Arizona about 30years...
I was given several Malabar Chestnut younglings in pots and planning to transplant them in my yard. What companion plants I should consider for the Malabar Chestnut?
I have three usable areas on my yard
#1 with morning sun that I have small raised bed garden with small lemon tree close by.
#2 There is old Malabar Chestnut trunk that has new shoot coming up on front yard where is very old and big Lychee tree. Close by on neighbours yard there is mandarin orange tree. Should I plant the Malabar Chestnut there?
#3 is side of a yard with grass only but neighbour has young cypresses of done kind started for privacy fence. I was thinking to plant few native berry bearing bushes there but not sure.
I also have kukuinut tree youngling and trying to find information if the two, Malabar Chestnut and Kukuinut tree could be planted on same side of the yard or should I keep them separate. 
I have not found much information yet and reaching out far for answers. 
Thank you for your time,
Good morning, 
Do you have photos as I am a visual person? 
I would love a Kukuinut tree you are so lucky.
You could plant the Malabar chestnut close together 2-3m to create a syntropic relationship where the tree support each other.
You could do a lower canopy of nitrogen-fixing shrubs- pigeon pea, popcorn cassia or albizia.
Ground cover try some varieties of sweet potatoes, which look amazing (green to purple leaves)
Taro and coco yam also has striking tropical-looking leaves.
There are herbs too, you could use the mother of all herbs, Cuban mint and dogbane. 
What look are you going for? Tropical? Cottage? Minimalist? or happy to throw everything in?
Hope this helps 
Yana and Michael
This is so awesome. I don't have enough superlatives to thank you for your reply and for the ideas you were able just absolutely paint to my imagination. 
I am visual person too. And I see beautiful little patch of jungle!!!
My imagination took off just reading your suggestions!
The look I am after is, oh cannot go after jungle since we have neighbours in close proximity, very close, but tropical rainforesty garden that I could harvest some food from too :-)
Not sure what the neighbours would say about it, everyone has mowed lawns -where I see potential to grow real plants, big plants! Lol and food, native vegetation -shrubs and herbs-
I will take pictures of the keiki (young /baby) trees tomorrow on daylight, and send for you. I will try make some rudimentary plans for the area I'm entertaining as for the trees. And now will start looking for your suggestions for the layers!
Humbled, and thankful