How To Make Dragon Fruit Flower Tea

Dragon Fruit flowers open for 1 night, their flowers are around 30cm wide.

dragon fruit flower white

Some Flowers are larger or smaller depending on varieties. 

The colour also varies between varieties. We have red, pink, purple and the most common is white. 

voodoo child dragon fruit flower

Dragon fruit buds do have many useful compounds like anthocyamin, tanin, flavonoind, which are natural antioxidants and can even inhibit cancer cells, stabilize cholesterol level, prevent heart diseases, or improve the immune system.

How to make Dragon Fruit Tea:

Remove dragon fruit petals around day 5 after they blush. I cut mine off to try to ensure the plant still had enough structure to fruit. I used Asunta (purple) and Common red  (white) for this batch of tea. 

Drago n fruit flower petals for tea

You need to separate the reproductive parts of the dragon fruit- Stigma, Pistil  and Anther so you are left with only the petals.I discarded any petals that looked to old. 

Dragon fruit petals for drying

Arranged the petals evenly spaced on brown paper to dry.

There are a few different ways to dry -

Leave in a dry spot on paper for a week (I didn't do this as the outside weather was not in our favour. We are in Queensland and its the start of the wet season the humidity is too high and it would be more likely to grow mould than dry. 

I used my pops method of the oven on a low heat with the door slightly open.

This took around 30-50m  to dry. You do need to keep and eye on the heat if its too hot it will cook your petals rather than dry them. 

You could also use a food dehydrator but I was only making a small batch and didn't feel like dusting off the dehydrator.  Food dehydrators can also take longer.

Once your petals are dried cut them with scissors into small pieces and store in an air tight contained.

To make tea poor boiling water over a couple of teaspoons of dragon fruit flower tea and wait for it to infuse and cool. (approx. 10 minutes)


We would compare the taste of this tea to a hibiscus or rosehip tea, with a floral fragrance. 

You could also try: 

Iced tea- combined with little raw sugar or honey refrigerate and serve with ice for a yummy ice tea, 

Other elements you could add ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, gubbi gubbi, mint, lemon myrtle or honey.