I have a Dragon Fruit growing, do you know what variety it is??

NOID is dragon fruit varieties that's identity is unknown.

These varieties are typically shared between gardeners and are still worth growing.
To know exactly what variety it is you would need to have it genetically tested, but sometimes this does not even help.
The following may help us make an educated guess but still GUESS :)
  • The more information the better
  • Quality pictures of the flower anatomy
  • What time of year did it flower?
  • How long did it take for fruit to set 30- 90 days.
  • What amount of pollen does the flower produce
  • Quality pictures of the mature plant such as colour, shape, and thorns. This needs to be 2 years old or more as plants can produce differently shaped branches over their lifetime.
  • Is there a fragrance?
  • Quality pictures of the fruit inside and out
  • Describe the flavour of the fruit. Citrus, berry, tart, juicy
  • Firmness of flesh
  • The Brix test would be an added bonus
  • Skin thickness
  • Where did you collect it
  • Amount of seeds, are they crunchy or soft
  • If this variety Self Fertile or Self Sterile