The BEST way to grow Dragon Fruit Cuttings

There is always conflicting information about the BEST way to grow dragon fruit Cuttings, So I thought I would do an experiment with 6 different growing mediums to see which performs the best.

I have used the same variety (Kathy Van Arum) small new growth cutting that are all around the same age and size. 

The growing medium I have chosen is.

  • Mushroom compost
  • Yates seed raising mix.
  • Water
  • Searles premium potting mix
  • Coconut coir 
  • Searles premium potting mix with the cutting dipped in Root X

I have planted the cuttings in glass so we can see the growth progress. 

These cuttings are watered once a week and kept indoor in a well-lit warm room. 

I started this experiment on August 16, 2022 and concluded it on September 16. 


In conclusion 

  • Mushroom compost a lot of root growth this did the best by far the glass had a strong root system.
  • Coconut coir had some root growth but defiantly a few weeks behind the Mushroom compost.
  • Yates seed raising mix- No growth. 
  • Water- no growth and some rot
  • Searles premium potting mix- no growth
  • Searles premium potting mix with the cutting dipped in Root X - no growth.