Israeli Gold Dragon Fruit NEW LATE 2023


History in Australia

This plant was sourced from a permaculture family on the Tableland who had 3 varieties growing amongst many other exotic fruit trees. They got their cuttings from a local farmer who imported them 15-20 years ago. The farmer was pulling out his plants and the family was told not to let anyone know they had it.  A few years later they talked to other neighbours who were also told the same thing by the dragon fruit farmer. 

I am very interested in comparing this variety to the well-known Isis gold/Ozzie gold. 

International History

Israeli Yellow pitaya was developed in Israel, a process that began in 1994 and is now grown predominantly in Israel and on a small scale in Hawaii and Australia.

Israeli Yellow pitayas are rounded fruits with an elongated shape
The size can be between 9 and 12 centimetres long and 7 to 10 centimetres wide.
The Israeli Yellow pitaya does not have spines, instead, the thick skin makes a good commercial variety. 

Israeli Yellow pitaya, or Yellow Dragon fruit, was developed over a span of several decades by botanists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in Beer-Sheva, Israel. The Israeli Yellow pitaya is a clone of the red fruited Hylocereus undatus and it has characteristics more akin to the red-skinned pitaya. To better distinguish it from its Central American yellow cousin, Selenicereus magalanthus, the fruit was named Golden pitaya, also known as Golden Dragon. It is also referred to as Yellow undatus, using its species name as another way to distinguish it from what some call the “real” yellow dragon fruit. Pitaya have become an important exotic food crop in Israel due to their low water needs, attractive flowers and nutraceutical benefits.

We would like to conduct genetic research on this variety to confirm it is different from Isis gold, Ozzie gold and all the other names of the yellow variety produced by the prickly patch in Bundaberg.

Without this research, we can only go with all the facts we have gathered along the way. There are a lot of stories about this variety and we hope over the coming years we can hope we can crack the stories with genetic proof. 


 Yellow Pitaya offers a juicy texture and sweet, tropical flavour, reminiscent of kiwi or pear.


Plant into an excellent quality potting mix to a depth of 2-3 cm 

Your dragon fruit will be marked with an arrow, plant ^ Arrow point up to the sky.

Regular Fertilizer 

Water once the soil has dried out.

Once rooted transfer onto a post. 

For more information check out some of our blogs. 

Plant Sizes: These are available in 20cm cuttings 


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