Top 5 Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Dragon fruit an excellent fruit to add to your morning smoothie.

If you have an excess of fruit you can peel the skin, dice and freeze.

I like to lay the diced cubes and place them on a baking tray in the freezer and then add them into a Tupperware container once frozen. This stops the fruit freezing together in a solid unusable block.

These recipes can use red or white dragon fruit. Just adjust the quantity of fruit if you are using a citrus tasting white variety as you may find if you mix it with other acidy fruit it may be to acidic and not as enjoyable. You can add watermelon or rock melon to neutralize the pallet if your juice is to zinging for you liking.

These juices are best made it a blender.

Here are our top 5 combinations-

Ginger Zinger

½ cup of dragon fruit

½cup of watermelon

1 cube of ginger. 

 Hang Over Cure

1 cube of turmeric and ginger

½ cup pineapple

½ cup of dragon fruit

¼ mixed berries.

Morning Sunrise

This is a great one to layer the red pulpy dragon fruit will settle at the bottom similar to a tequila sunrise. Place the dragon fruit juice in the bottom of the glass. Carefully poor the orange juice on the side of the glass so it creates a layered affect.

½ Red dragon fruit blended separately.

½ cup of orange juice.

Mango Tango

½ cup of either red or white dragon fruit.

1 mango cheek

2 tb spoons of mango sorbet

When making this one if everything if frozen you end up with this creamy thick shake that the kids just can’t get enough of.

Summer Splash

 ¼ orange

 ¼ dragon fruit (red is best for this one)

 ¼ pineapple

 ¼ watermelon