Will Gypsum help dragon fruit flower?

There has been talk in the dragon fruit growing community about the use of gypsum to encourage the flowering of your dragon fruit plant. 


How does Gypsum work and what is it ?

Gypsum, a common mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, can have several positive effects on soil structure and plant growth, indirectly contributing to improved flowering in plants. Here are some ways in which gypsum can benefit your dragon fruit plants:

  1. Soil Structure Improvement: Gypsum helps improve soil structure, especially in clayey soils. It works as a soil conditioner by reducing soil compaction, making the soil more friable. This allows for better root penetration, aeration, and water drainage. Improved soil structure is beneficial for plant development and root growth.

  2. Calcium Supply: Gypsum is a good source of calcium, an essential nutrient for plant growth. Calcium plays a crucial role in cell division, cell elongation, and cell wall formation. Adequate calcium levels can promote overall plant health and contribute to the development of strong and healthy flowers.

  3. Nutrient Availability: Gypsum can enhance the availability of other nutrients in the soil. It doesn't provide many nutrients itself, but it can improve the uptake of existing nutrients like phosphorus. Phosphorus is crucial for flowering and fruiting in plants. By making phosphorus more available to plants, gypsum indirectly supports the flowering process.

  4. Alleviation of Aluminum Toxicity: In acidic soils, aluminum can become toxic to plants. Gypsum can help reduce aluminum toxicity by binding with aluminum ions, making them less available to plants. This can be particularly beneficial for plants that are sensitive to high levels of aluminum, allowing them to thrive and flower more successfully.

  5. pH Regulation: While gypsum is not an alkaline substance, it can have a slight neutralizing effect on acidic soils. By helping to regulate soil pH, gypsum ensures that the pH is within an optimal range for nutrient availability. This is important for the overall health and development of plants, including flowering.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of gypsum can vary depending on the specific characteristics of the soil and the plants in question.

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While gypsum can offer benefits in certain situations, it may not be necessary or beneficial in all cases.

Soil testing is recommended to determine the specific needs of a particular garden or agricultural site.