Growing Dragon fruit from cutting

Plant your cutting into good quality potting mix – This is a must!! Searles premium potting mix is a good start.

I have started to use pure mushroom compost and it is out performing any potting mix. I get my mushroom compost from landscape suppliers it is a fraction of the price. You need to plant to a depth of 2-3 cm deep in filtered sunlight.

how to grow dragon fruit cuttings

Plant with the arrow pointing up to the sky.

Water sparingly- Once a week as a guide or only after the soil has dried out .

Roots should begin to appear in 3-4 weeks, some slower varieties will take longer. 

In cold climate or winter you can use heat mats to speed up root growth. 

Some growers do recommend you dry your cuttings for a week before planting.

I don't bother with this. I plant them in soil and don't water them for a week. Normally I keep them on an outside deck or undercover area.

I have found that life gets busy and there is no harm if you forget to plant them in a week or so this way. 

After 6-10 weeks depending on time of year andvariety your dragon fruit plant will be ready for a post. 

Remember to mulch and fertilize regularly for optimum growth.