Growing Dragon fruit in Townsville

Jake is a Townsville dragon fruit grower who has his own home based  nursery as a hobby business Jake has fulltime job is as a night shift baker. Please look read thought this blog to see his experience and hopefully we will be catching up later in the year. 

What suburb and state are you located? 

Townsville, north Queensland 
Growing dragon fruit cuttings in Townsville
How long have you been an avid gardener for? 
I've always dabbled in gardening as a kid, mostly the in veggies. I'm currently 25, I purchased my house approx. 3.5 years ago and have started growing veggies and fruit tree since then.
What is your history with gardening and horticulture? 
I currently run a fruit tree only nursery from my house (Townsville Fruit Nursery) and occasionally attend to other people's gardens and have been for approx. 2 years.
Townsville fruit nursery dragon fruit
What drew you to Dragon fruit? 
The ease of growing, quick fruiting and amazing flavors.
Can you please walk me through your history with dragon fruit? 
I've been growing dragon fruit for approx. 2 years, multiple varieties, (see attached photo).
What was your 1st dragon fruit experience eating?
Having Dragon fruit ice cream at a local shop, it was amazing.
What was your 1st dragon fruit experience growing? 
Approx. 2 years ago is when I started.
What is your Favorite variety and why?
I wouldn't say I have a favourite, as there are alot of really nice ones and haven't tasted all the varieties I have currently but purples seem to be my favourite.
Best tip for growing dragon fruit. Biggest no, no for growing dragon fruit.
My best tip to most people is to feed them well as they seem to love it and to have a very good drainage soil.
My no's for people where I live is to not plant in the clay as Townsville is mostly clay. Most people just stick them in the ground.
Biggest challenge for growing dragon fruit you have had?
I would say the extreme weather, Townsville is either very dry and hot or the complete opposite, very wet.
How do you fertilize?
I choose the fertilizer with organics, mostly cow manure, sometimes liquid fertilizer, (Seasol, swift grow, and worm tea).
Growing dragon fruit from cuttings in Townsville
How many varieties do you currently have?
Aprox 40-50 as I'm currently removing and adding some.
What soil did you pot your cutting in?
I make my own soil mix, I have made afew different mixes, I've just made a new mix with perlite, manure, compost, ash and thick mulch. 
I've even grow them in cow manure and perlite mix