Growing Avocado Trees

Avocados don't like a lot of root disturbance so when planting cut the bag that they are growing in to plant and do not tease roots. Be gentle. 
Avocados like free draining soil and will not survive if they get wet feet. 
Like regular Fertilizer
Protect from strong winds they definitely need protection as they will loose their leaves quickly if too exposed. 
Avocados can be self-pollinating, they will fruit better if cross-pollinated  different Types -Type A and Type B

'Bacon' (B) 

Choquette' (A)

'Edranol' (B)

Fuerte' (B) 

'Hass' (A) 

'Hazzard' (A) 

'Lamb Hass' (A) 

'Linda' (A) 

'Pinkerton' (A) 

'Reed' (A) 

'Rincon' (A) 

'Sharwil' (B) 

'Shepard' (B) 

Wurtz' (A) 

The Avocado season varies dramatically according to your location, and the Avocado variety
Avocado calendar
Avocados have different fruiting months.
Make the right selection and have fruit for most of the year!!!
Type A:
'Hass': September – January
‘Pinkerton’: June – August
‘Reed’: November – March
‘Rincon’: July – September
'Wurtz': October – December
Type B:
'Bacon’: June – July
'Edranol’: May – August
‘Fuerte’: June – October

How to Prune & Maintain an Avocado Tree

Prune after your tree has fruited. Try to open up the middle to provide good airflow. 

Winter is a good time but this will also depend on the variety. 

Seed grown avocado

Avocados can be easily grown from seed but with all seeds they may not be true to type.

Seed avocado plants will begin growing fruit after they're three or four years old, others take 15+ years .

Grafted Avocados 

Grafting is the process of combining multiple plants into one.

The Scion and Rootstock

The scion is the piece of a piece of the mother plant that is grafted onto the rootstock.

Chosen for its high-quality fruit.

Rootstock is the fruit plant that provides the roots and lower trunk.A variety that grows well, is resistant to local disease and adapted to a variety soil types

How to Buy trees

We have a pre order list of grafted fruit trees. We order every 3 month. These are for local pick up and delivery in the Agnes Water region.