About Us -Rare Dragon Fruit


Rare Dragon Fruit is a family who love dragon fruit.  

There are 4 of us Michael, Noa, Fin and (me) Yana.

Our aim is to have available for sale the largest range of Dragon Fruit cutting   varieties in Australia  for the back yard grower. 

The one stop shop for all your dragon fruit cutting needs

We aim to provide back yard dragon fruit grower and commercial growers the best information about going dragon fruit.

Michael and I try to run a ethically and environmentally friendly business. 

Here are some of the environmental  friendly farm initiatives we have set up for Rare Dragon Fruit.

Packaging - All our packaging of posted dragon fruit cuttings and plants are reusable and bio degradable.

  • We use brown paper to wrap our dragon fruit cuttings.
  • Bio degradable sticky tape and plastic, we purchase these from Biogone. This is a more expensive way to package plants but we do not want to add more plastic that won't break down into our environment.

Habitat -We keep the grass longer in parts of our dragon fruit farm to provide protection for native fauna. 

Biodiverse Farming practices- Our aim is to plant a large diversity of plants not only dragon fruit to make our dragon fruit farm more bio diverse that any monoculture dragon fruit farm . 

    Education on dragon fruit and sustainable living. We like to work with the local Agnes Waters community to educate locals wanting to produce there own produce.

      Working in our community - Rare Dragon fruit are also working with the local school to help the next generation understand the importance both environmental and financial of growing your own food at home. 

      YouTube- this is something new I am trying sorry if my movies are bad quality I am definitely no expert. I just want to share with you what we do and why.

      We love beneficial plant, composting, bee keeping and more. You wouldn't get a chance to see what we do unless we made these movies. 

      Instagram- I am trying to make our posts relevant to growing dragon fruit and other easy to do garden hacks. Each day I am trying to create a post so that you can learn something new. 

      Blog post we aim to share any relevant dragon fruit growing growing resources. It is sometimes hard to find the right information with so much out there.

      Now with Ai technology the a lot of blogs  being written are not authentic and correct we aim to share real life dragon fruit growing hint and tips, that we have personally experience with.

      Rare Dragon Fruit is located in Agnes Waters, Queensland, Australia. 

      Climate- We have a subtropical environment that is perfect for growing dragon fruit.

      We don't get frosts freezing low temperature which can really damage dragon fruit plants in winter. 

      Soil- Agnes Water has terrible clay soil so soil building improvement with composting, mulching  and companion planting is a big focus for our dragon fruit farm.

      Water management is also key as Agnes Waters is either wet or dry. We don't have a bore and rely on dam and tank water. Planting drought hardy plants and planting in a water efficient manor is a huge focus for us. 

      Camping - We are offering a unique environmentally friendly farm stay experience at our dragon fruit farm.

      There are kitchen gardens surrounding our level site for you to use while you stay.

      We have traveled a lot and the one thing we miss when we are on the road is fresh herbs and produce. Seasonally you can pick silver beet, eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, thyme, basil peppino, chives, rosella and more...

      We provide compost and recycling bins.

      We are just a 5 min drive from the local Agnes Waters beaches, shops and walks.

      We have an honesty box where you can purchase eggs, pumpkin, dragon fruit honey and more seasonal produce grown by us. 

      How you can help us??

      We rely on your feedback please if you are happy with our products, blog, classes and services leave us a 5 star review. Anything less than 5 stars will harm our business, if you are unhappy please email me first as we are open to criticism to improve our business.