SILKY X PEKIN BANTAM Chicken Fertile Eggs

Mixed Half Dozen (6 Eggs)

 Pekin x silky, They are homed together so you may get a mixed breed. 

We choose our chicken varieties as they are excellent pets for our kids and make great mothers and fathers.

Even though they are all in the same pen there are family groups that stick together and even share the raising of their eggs.

Bantams are a great backyard chickens as they are half the size of commercial laying hens such as Isa Browns.

These guys do lay fewer eggs but have great personalities. 

Please see the photos of our chicks. 

We only supply fresh fertile eggs and they have proven high fertility rates however I cannot guarantee the hatch rate due to the handling of the eggs and the incubation process once they have left my hands.

* All eggs are packed carefully to prevent breakages but cannot guarantee handing by Australia Post

*All eggs are sent by express post, but we cannot guarantee delivery times

*Eggs must be stored pointy end down for 24 hours after postage before incubation 

Chicks will need care from a mother or heat lamp for 6-8 weeks after hatching.

Chicken eggs can be kept for 24 days before incubating. 

Eggs may vary in colour white- brown 


All items are posted on a Monday Express post, with Australia Post. If Monday is a public holiday they will be sent the Tuesday or the following Monday depending on the destination. We aim to deliver healthy and happy plants :)

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