Premium chick raising mix 1kg


Premium Chick Starter Mix provides a complete feed to meet all the nutritional requirements of a growing chick & pullet from Day 1 to 8 weeks of age.
This is our own blend of crumble and grain. 

Contains: Pepitas, Sunflower seeds, Corn, sorghum, wheat, peas, meat meal, soybean, lysine, methionine, salt, chick crumbs vitamins and vegetable oil
We have added in extra seeds containing vitamin E as we found 1 in every 50 chicks hatching had a Wry neck.
Wry neck can happen when there is a lack of Vitamin E. We found by altering our chick starter mix we could correct this problem. 

To raise healthy chicks they should have unlimited access to this feed and fresh clean drinking water. 

Average Feed rate table 

Age of Birds Approximate Feed Consumption
Day old to one week 5 - 10 grams / bird / day
2 weeks 10 - 20 grams / bird / day
4 weeks 25 - 30 grams / bird / day
6 weeks 35 - 40 grams / bird / day

WARNING Do not feed to horses or other equines, cattle, sheep and other ruminants, or birds being treated with tiamulin.


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