Native Turmeric -Curcuma australasica (Cape York Lily)


Amazing tropical look garden plant. Produces stunning flowers the bees just can't resist.

Deciduous (dormant in winter)

Quite cold tolerant. Grows well in most parts of Australia

Suited to Moist well-drained soil, rich in organic matter

Growing in Pots -

For growing turmeric in pots, choose a large pot as this amazing herb can easily exceed the height of 1 m. The pot should be at least 12 inches deep and 12-18 inches wide so that the plant can spread its tubers freely. Plant 1 or 2 rhizomes in such a pot.

The turmeric plant takes 8 to 10 months to mature. Harvesting is done once the leaves become yellow and the stem starts to dry. Harvesting turmeric is not difficult, simply dig up the plant entirely, including the roots. 
Cut the required amount and then replant the remaining part again to get a new plant growing. 

Has an earthy bitterness with a pinch of spice.
Roots can be harvested in Autumn or Winter and eaten - usually dried and ground (Ground Turmeric)


Likes well-draining soil and a sunny position in the garden. 

Plant Sizes: 50mm tube


All items are posted on a Monday Express post, with Australia Post. If Monday is a public holiday they will be sent the Tuesday or the following Monday depending on the destination. We aim to deliver healthy and happy plants :)

In winter you will receive rhizome only as most rhizomes’ foliage dies back in the colder month and when the weather warms up it produces new growth, In Summer leaves may be trimmed if the plant is too big for the box.

Leaves may wilt but these plants grow from the root and this will not affect future growth.

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