Houghton Dragon Fruit

New March 2024
Medium-sized dragon fruit 
Red-skinned with  Magenta flesh

Introducing the Houghton Dragon Fruit, derived from the Hylocereus genus and an unidentified species. Named in honour of Arthur Duvernoix Houghton, also known as A.D. Houghton (1870-1938), this variety boasts a rich history.

Dr. Houghton, a medical practitioner, was renowned for his expertise in cacti botany, served on the Los Angeles City Council from 1904 to 1906, and was instrumental in founding the American Legion. Beyond his professional pursuits, he dabbled in showmanship, engaging audiences with hypnotism and seances, and authored "The Cactus Book" in 1931.

This Dragon Fruit variety also holds significance as one of the parent plants in two Paul Thomson seedlings, dubbed 7-S and 8-S. These hybrids, born from a union of Houghton and Rixford varieties,

Voodoo Child (8-S)

Sugar Dragon (7-S). 

Characterized by robust growth, Houghton Dragon Fruit boasts sturdy, olive-green stems adorned with small, thick spines along the rib lines, which can stretch upwards of 1.5 m The stems resemble those of Hylocereus setaceus in both size and shape.

The flowers of this variety are strikingly large, spanning over 38cm  in diameter, and typically unfurl in the hours following sunset, closing at sunrise.

Houghton Dragon Fruit tends to be among the first and last to bloom, facilitating multiple flowering cycles and thereby increasing fruit yield.

Has a fantastic pollen for cross-pollination.

Houghton Dragon fruit yields small oval-shaped

Fruit can weigh around 250g

A semi-firm sweet texture
The brix 18


Plant into an excellent quality potting mix to a depth of 2-3 cm 

Your dragon fruit will be marked with an arrow, plant ^ Arrow points up to the sky.

Regular Fertilizer 

Water once the soil has dried out.

Once rooted transfer onto a post. 

For more information check out some of our blogs. 

Plant Sizes: These are available in 20cm cuttings


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