Blue / Green Fertile Chicken Eggs

Dozen 12 Eggs- these may take 2 weeks to collect fresh

6x Easter egger - green 
6x Araucana - blue

I regularly change our roosters to keep all genetics as diverse as possible. 

These breeds do have a lower hatching rate than other breeds. 

Please see the photos of our chicks. 

We only supply fresh fertile eggs and they have proven high fertility rates however I cannot guarantee the hatch rate due to the handling of the eggs and the incubation process once they have left my hands.

* All eggs are packed carefully to prevent breakages but cannot guarantee handling by Australia Post

*All eggs are sent by express post, but we cannot guarantee delivery times

*Eggs must be stored pointy end down for 24 hours after postage before incubation 

Chicks will need care from a mother or heat lamp for 6-8 weeks after hatching.

Chicken eggs can be kept for 24 days before incubating. 

Eggs may vary in colour


All items are posted on a Monday Express post, with Australia Post. If Monday is a public holiday they will be sent the Tuesday or the following Monday depending on the destination. We aim to deliver healthy and happy plants :)

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