European Bees- 5 frame Nuc.

We split our hives at the end of winter and the beginning of spring these are available to pre-order. Please contact us directly for the current stock  

  • What is a Nuc- nucleus hives (or ‘nucs’ as they are commonly known) are small colonies of bees that are created, or split off, from larger colonies. The name is derived from the fact that a nucleus hive is centred upon a queen.
  • Our Nucs Hives are made up of 3 brood frames( brood is where the eggs, larva and baby bees are)  and 2 honey frames (this is the food source for the bees to establish). 
  • These come in a core flute box for transport and you will need to rehome your bees in a larger hive once settled into their new location. 
  • To keep bees you must register with the Department of Primary Industries, it's free if you do it online for under 5 hives
  • We also suggest joining  Facebook beekeeping pages or a local beekeeping club as these can be a great resource for information. 
  • Hives are for Pick Up Only. 
  • We also provide a beetle trap poison to assist with the management of hive beetles. 


 We are able to offer assistance and advice if required at any stage of your bee-keeping journey. 

Pick up only