Amgrow Prolific Blue AN Compound Fertiliser 500g

Prolific Blue AN Compound Fertiliser


We highly recommend using this premium fertiliser for your Dragonfruit plants, also fantastic for fertilizing all other fruit trees and vegetables.

Prolific Blue AN is a compound fertiliser that provides targeted, balanced nutrition to crops through uniform delivery. The nutrients in Prolific Blue AN are homogeneous in every granule, ensuring there is no nutrient segregation during transport or application. Nutrient segregation is an inherent problem with granular blended fertiliser which results in uneven nutrient application and crop growth.

Nitrogen is present both as nitrate-N and ammonium-N. The readily available nitrate-N gives an immediate growth response, while the more slowly available ammonium-N ensures a long-lasting effect.

Phosphorous is in both water and citrate-soluble forms, allowing ready uptake by plant roots and prolonged release for sustained growth.

Potassium is present as potassium sulphate, this is particularly important for crops that are sensitive to chloride which can be present in some potassium fertilisers.

Secondary nutrients sulphur, calcium and magnesium are in soluble forms. They are in balanced amounts that aid and promote healthy crop growth.

Complete nutrition is complemented with trace elements zinc, boron and iron. These elements support crop growth effectively by being distributed evenly in each granule. This is crucial with trace elements that applied in small rates per hectare.

Prolific Blue AN has a consistent granule size which is non-dusting and free-flowing that can be applied as a band or broadcast.


  • Consistent granule size allows uniform application with no separation of nutrients
  • Balanced nutrients promote even growth


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