Brix refractometer- measure the sugar content of your dragon fruit.

This Brix refractometer is a professional instrument to measure aqueous solutions such as sugar, and beer. It features high accuracy and easy operation. Widely used by the food industry to control the sugar concentrations in foods and beverages.

  • A professional measuring instrument to test Brix of sugar, beer, fruit juice, wine, and beverages.
  • The accurate test result, 0~32% concentration measure range, 0.2% minimum scale.
  • With automatic temperature compensation.
  • Easy to read by the clear calibration.
  • The rubberized handle is comfortable to hold and non-slip.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: ABS + Metal
Main Color: Black
Measuring Range: 0~32%
Minimum Scale: 0.2%
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 10~30 ℃
Diameter: approx. 4cm / 1.6inch
Length: approx. 17cm / 6.7inch
Weight: approx. 275g

Package Included:
1 x Refractometer
1 x Pipette
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Storage Case

Using Instruction:
1. Open the cover and carefully wipe the prism with a soft cloth.
2. Take a few drops of the solution to be measured, place them on the detection prism, and gently close the cover to avoid producing bubbles which will make the solution spread all over the prism surface.
3. Put the cover directly point to the light source or bright place, and observe the field of view through the eyepiece.
4. Turn the eyepiece to adjust the hand wheel to make the blue and white line clear. The scale value of the dividing line is the concentration of the solution.
1. Please use this instrument according to the instruction, be careful when using it. Do not lose any connection part arbitrarily, prevent violent shock, impact and falling off.
2. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe the instrument, do not put it into the water directly to clean and avoid scratching of the surface.
3. Storage the instrument in a dry and non-corrosive place.
4. Storage the part well.
5. The adjustment range of the eyepiece and hand wheel is within 2cm left or right.