Sustainable Gardening full day Saturday May 20

This workshop roughly runs from 8.30 am - 4 ish 7.5 hours and is located at our farm in Agnes Water. 

This is a basic course designed to be achievable for everyone.

This class includes lunch. 

Simple gardening and make it achievable in anyone's busy life. Your gardens should be able to adapt to life commitments, work, family, budgets and available time. (sometimes I garden best at 5 pm with a beer or a wine)

Keep it fun and not a chore. 

Workshop covers- 

Compost and worm farming

Look at how to build a basic pallet wood composting system and look at the layering and rotation of compost bins.

Additive to improve the nutrient value of your soil. 

Go home with a bag of composting worms and seeds for a green mulch dig-in crop. 

Companion planting

Bring in the insects, pollinators and flowers

Companion plants to improve beneficial insects,  Take home cuttings and seeds to propagate yourself. 

Watch your own garden change as ladybugs, bees and more start to create more diversity. 

Kitchen scraps to plants and with lunch

In this class, we make a pizza and everything we use we reproduce for your garden. so in 6-18month time, you can make your own pizza with your own homegrown ingredients.  

Hay bale gardens and food forest planting 

Agnes has terrible soil this simple technique can give you a quick garden bed that is easy to manage and fast production. 

Help build a small haybale garden that you can reproduce at home. 

How to plant out as a food forest. 

Time 8.30- 4ish Saturday, May 20 

Feel Free to have a chat and a cup of tea at the end of the class. This is a rough time, I'm in no rush :)


98 Lady Elliot Drive Agnes water 

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If this date does not suit you please contact us on 0417 217 887 to book a time.

Minimum of 4 people per workshop